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All of them? Not even close. I wouldn’t deposit at almost all internet casinos.

The principal reason for the very existence of Legit Casino Reviews is to showcase the most trusted online casino operators and to help you stay away from the bad ones.

The prospect of sending real money — much worse, possibly considerable amounts of real money — to an operator in another country should be scary. The online gambling world is full of pyramid schemes and scumbags trying to choose whatever they can from customers which, to the best of their knowledge, are sending cash to a dependable business. (It is easy to be duped into doing so because developing a website seem legitimate is not that hard.)

Individuals have lost tens of thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands, but I do not personally know of anybody losing that far) to rogue casino operators. If a business that’s been licensed in Panama abruptly disappears from the surface of the planet, what are you going to do about it? Apart from posting on internet forums in order to be sure everybody knows about this, there’s pretty much nothing you can do.

When you have such a limited amount of items you can do if a business decides to run off with your money, it makes all the sense in the world to be sure that you’re not dealing with this type of company.


We’ve printed an article specifically on this subject since there are all kinds of details to consider when assessing online casino bonuses. Additionally, we’re currently building a tool which can enable you to compare bonus offers at all of the casinos that we think legitimate.

To give you an idea of how casino bonus offers work in a nutshell: casinos want you to play with, so that they are ready to provide you with a bonus in the form of a bonus. There are two types of bonuses: deposit bonuses and no-deposit bonuses; as you can probably tell from the names, you wish to create a real deposit to clear another one, and you don’t need to make a deposit to clear another one.

From the casino’s view, the aim behind both these bonuses is the same: to increase the probability you’ll deposit real money on the site and play the money enough to lose it. I know, that’s a dim look but as crazy as it appears, the casinos don’t have to give you free money without getting something — instead of more money — in return.

To receive a deposit bonus (also known as “first deposit bonus” or even as “signup bonus” even though you have to do more than signup to get it).

So let’s say you get a 100% bonus offer up to $200. To put it differently, the casino is prepared to give you $200 in bonus money but they will only release it when you have wagered a particular amount of money in their casino games together with your first deposit money. This motivates you to play along with your deposit money since you have now an excess goal in mind (along with winning money).

Another popular bonus is a no-deposit bonus, so you get bonus money without making a deposit. Sounds too good to be true? This kind of is: you are only permitted to play with non-jackpot matches (or at least you will be not able to win a jackpot) and you’ve got heavy wagering requirements to finish, making it unlikely you will ever have the ability to draw cash from that bonus. The casino’s goal, in this case, is to introduce one to the games and to eventually make a deposit.

Regardless, the important thing to keep in mind is: always consider wagering requirements before getting excited about a bonus deal. They decide whether the price is worth your while.


If you take into consideration the quantity of entertainment you are likely to receive from a game, it’s a matter of preference. Some of the swearing by table games while others simply get delighted from playing slot machines (the more lines, the better!) — I admit I’m one of these people.

If we’re ranking games regarding profitability, it’s no longer a matter of taste. If that’s true, we’ll simply examine the payout percentage each hand/round/spin and take into account how many games, twists or rounds you get to do on an hourly basis.

Blackjack is possibly the most well-known casino game on earth. It’s also one of the best games you can play (as long as you play with the perfect variation) since it is a relatively low house advantage and when played at a brick & mortar casino, a much slower game than slot machines such as.

On the internet, however, you play blackjack much faster. There’s absolutely not any need to shuffle the cards and there’s absolutely not any need to wait for other players’ choices. Therefore blackjack is “less good” online but nevertheless generally a much greater option than slot machines from a financial standpoint since you’ll still play at a slower pace (although it is significantly quicker than reside) and have a lower house edge.

At blackjack, however, your choices make a difference. Playing according to what’s known as “basic strategy” is the best way to behave and gives you the cheapest possible home advantage. Playing the perfect variant based on basic strategy gives the house an edge of about 0.50% — significantly greater than 3-8% (average home benefits for slot machines, although in some cases it’s even greater) and 2.57% (roulette).

Another solution is to perform the perfect variations of video poker which also supply a very low house advantage as long as you perform according to best strategy (by now you may have noticed: the more options you’re allowed to create, the better your chances of lowering the house edge as long as you make the right decisions).

Baccarat is a popular casino game in Asia and it provides a reasonable 1.06% house edge when you bet on the banker. Bet on the banker, however, and it goes around 1.24% per bet typically. It’s not as good of an option as blackjack or video poker but it’s a much better option than blackjack or slots.

Among the worst things (financially-speaking) that you are able to do is play with jackpot slot machines (for instance, Mega Moolah slot sport). You may end-up playing around 600 spins an hour using dreadful home advantage. Gambling isn’t a great investment in any case because the house always has an edge but playing jackpot slots is a fantastic way to speed up the custom of your losing your money.


There was a time when iOS users had difficulty finding appropriate casino sites — which is no longer correct. Nearly every casino features software for iOS users (either downloadable or browser-based).

When it comes to devices, you’ll be hard-pressed to find some of the modern internet casinos that don’t have any user interface especially for mobile users (tablets and tablets). Compatibility issues are a thing of the past in that respect even though there are big differences in mobile experiences (which we’ll surely emphasize in our casino reviews).

Mobile variations and in-browser variations of online casinos aren’t necessarily similar in terms of game selection. Normally, cellular casinos have fewer games (on the opposite side, there are also games which were developed exclusively for mobile users).

Furthermore, there are mobile-first casinos like LeoVegas Casino. They’ve been developed for mobile users and — even though they’re playable for desktop users also — it really shows in the complete experience. Depending upon your preferences, mobile casino games may be more convenient than desktop games (I surely enjoy them today) because you can play with them everywhere and it’s a high-quality experience when you play at casinos that specialize in that sort of thing.